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10 Best Tips on Relocating To Lekki

Is this your first time in Lagos or are you considering relocating to Lekki? Find the 10 best tips on relocating to Lekki in this article. Lekki is one of the most glamorous cities in Lagos, well known for its aesthetic landscape and well-developed housing system. As a first-timer, you may imagine what living in Lekki will look like. Of the many things you can look forward to, you can expect beautiful sceneries and highly civilized residential areas.

No doubt, Lekki hosts the majority of the big companies and the elites of society. This has made Lekki one of the best places to make connections and set things up for yourself.

However, you should not be carried away with what the city has to offer when it comes to picking a residential area in Lekki. We are here to ensure you make only the right choices, read through this article to get some tips that will help.


10 Tips on Relocating To Lekki

The following tips will guide you as you plan your relocation to Lekki:

 Set a budget

If you intend to get an apartment in Lekki, it is always advisable to set a budget. Setting a budget will help to streamline the houses you will be considering, thereby making your efforts feasible. For example, if your budget is 800,000, you will be more focused on checking out room self-contained apartments.

Ideally, a good house for rent in Lekki spans within the range of 700,000 to millions of naira.

Do not rush

One mistake you should not make is to rush your house search. You can try to give yourself a timeline to maintain the anxieties, you can try at least two weeks of the house search. Lekki is ever-developing and new houses emerge almost every day, if you rush you may miss the opportunity of settling into a nicer apartment. 

Another reason why you should not rush is so that you will be able to fully inspect the house, its facilities, road, traffic, and means of transportation.

Go for house inspections

For a medium to the low-budget apartment, ensure you go for inspections to avoid future inconveniences. House inspection entails creating a meeting appointment with a real estate agent who takes you around town and shows you houses that are open for rent. A typical house tour should give you all the information you need to make a good purchase decision.


Set a plan for renewal

Just like every other place in Lagos, you will not be required to pay the same amount you paid at the inception. However, annual rent payments and service charges are usually constant with Lekki apartments. After having a foretaste of Lekki’s life, you will most likely not want to move out, so you will need a concrete plan that can guarantee the payment. 

Traffic Advice

Traffic has found a way to incorporate itself into Lagos’s lifestyle. Like every other location in Lagos, Lekki has this same traffic issue. People who live in Lekki usually face morning traffic, night traffic, and a few times, afternoon traffic as well. 

However, the duration you will stay in traffic depends largely on how far your house will be. People that stay in Lekki phase 1 to around Ikate face minimal traffic jams compared to people staying around Lekki phase 2. We advise that you look for houses around the area you will be visiting frequently.

Location Advice

We advise that you put different factors into consideration before selecting a location. There are many incredible housing estates you can settle for in Lekki. If you are not a fan of traffic, we advise that you look for an apartment within Lekki phase 1 to Jakande and its environs. 

Transportation Concern

Transportation is not an issue in Lekki, Lekki has its transportation system. You can easily find buses painted in white colour, driving across the road to pick up passengers at the bus stops. 

Similarly, you will find napep and buses on major roads. However, you should note that, for security reasons, most estates do not allow commercial vehicles. This is not a pullback, there are private cars like Cabs, Uber, Lagride, and Taxify you can avail of.

Concern for Electricity and Water Supply

Electricity in most Lekki environments spans from 24 hours to about 14 hours daily. Lekki solely relies on EKEDC for electricity supply. Regardless, the majority of the serviced estates have generators that power the entire estate whenever electricity is out. Other residential areas rely on personally owned generators, inverters, and solar energy.

Water supply on the other hand is also constant. You get access to well-treated water for domestic use. However, there are some parts of Lekki where residents buy tank water on a monthly basis.

Prepare According to your Desire

The watchword is to be financially prepared. Lekki is a place of class, glamour, and fun. In Lekki, you can easily find various side attractions like parks, restaurants, beaches, lounges, gyms, spas, supermarkets, and many other inviting activities that will demand financial capability.

Get a Good Housing Agent

This is in no way the least! Note that the quality of the houses you will consider will depend largely on the type of housing agent you have. Therefore, you need a good housing agent who has a good taste and a good understanding of what you want. You can easily get a good housing agent if you click here.

Just enjoy

There are numerous things that are enjoyable in Lekki. Lekki has beautiful landscapes, organized estates, security, affluence, nice weather, structure, and events to unwind. So, just enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lekki a nice place to live?

The fact that Lekki has been tagged the spot for the movers and shakers, makes one wonder if Lekki is such a nice place to live. Apart from the balling lifestyle Lekki curates, technically, Lekki would naturally meet anyone’s expectations. However, this relies largely on the area of Lekki you are moving into. The kind of treatment you will enjoy will be a result of how much you are willing to spend. 

Nonetheless, there are several things in Lekki that make it a nice place to stay. Some of them include good security, peaceful residential areas, nice estates, beautiful scenery, schooling facilities, recreational centers, private medical facilities, well-furnished houses, water treatment, and more stable electricity.

Where are the best estates to live in Lekki?

If there is such a thing as the best estate in Lekki, then almost all the estates will qualify as one. Without a doubt, Lekki has many lovely estates that will suit your taste. Some of these estates include Prime Waters Garden, Nicon Town, Ocean Bay, Pearl Gardens, Lake View Park, Northern Foreshore Estate, Victoria Garden Secret, Lekki County Home Estate, Governors Consent Estate, and many more.


What is the cost of living in Lekki?

It is admissible that the cost of living in Lekki is on the high side. However, if you know how to maneuver your way, you may be spending less than expected. 

Generally, the cost of living in Lekki varies from location to location. For instance, residents in Lekki Phase 1 are more likely to experience a higher cost of living than residents in New road. The bottom line is that the more sophisticated your area is, the more difficult it is to get local vendors, thus making the cost of living high. Typically, you can prepare yourself for about an additional quarter of your disposable income.



We want to believe the decision to relocate to Lekki will be worthwhile if you take the 10 best tips on relocating to Lekki. If you have questions or concerns, be sure to discuss them with your housing agent to ensure you have a full understanding of what is in for you. 

In case you eventually make the decision, do let us know your experience in the comment section. Welcome to Lekki!


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